3 Tips for the Non-Techie Software Business Owner

If you own, manage, or are planning to put up a software company and you do not have a formal background in software technology, you may be up for several challenges. No, this is not saying your business will fail; it’s just an observation based on what some techie business leaders are usually heard saying. But you should never let things like this get into your mind because “if there’s a will, there will always be a way.”

Here are three tips to help you become a good and effective software business owner.

  1. Create a technical team dedicated to developing your main software product.

This technical team should be composed of highly experienced technology movers. Their main responsibility is to develop the company’s software product and when needed, improve it until becomes perfect not just for you, but for the consumers, too. Since you are a non-techie, your technical team will be the one to deal with meeting customers’ needs and expectations on the technical side.

  1. Keep your focus on the business side of things.

You are a business person. So your main responsibilities should be to develop strategies for the company, to help market your product, and to look for possible partners and investors, among others. But when it comes to the technical side, keep your hands off the major issues. You can always ask for updates or development reports, but you should never meddle in their “affairs.” From time-to-time, they may ask you for advice or your opinion, but the most technical tasks should be theirs. Instead of controlling them or dictating upon them, you should support them and help them achieve their goal of coming up with a good anti-cyber attack program.

  1. Set realistic goals and expectations for your company.

Setting business goals should be done as you are forming your company, but it does not mean you cannot do so already once your business is up. On the contrary, you can keep revising your goals as your business keeps growing. Since yours is a software company, the goals should be centered on how your products and services can make life more convenient. Additionally, do not forget to set realistic expectations for the company. With these goals and expectations, you will be able to draw up a plan for your company to grow and succeed.

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